Cheers to KARMA

The term “ karma” falls in the category for some form of punishment. It’s the “ you get what you deserve” type of conversation. For many, it’s usually what you get when you’ve done something terribly bad. For me, it fell in the friendly category of “hopefully you will learn from your mistakes” kind of ordeal. My karma... Continue Reading →


Stay at home mom dream

There are moms that loves their job and prefers to be workaholics. And there are the stay at home moms. I am both. I am able to balance my career and family life. I love my career and have learned to balance it, but at the same time can feel guilty for not giving my... Continue Reading →

Mother Tiger

Beautiful stripes wraps around her body. Each whiskers spikes out strongly as it represents a story In her life. She is as loving as can be yet very powerful when mess with. I am the mother tiger. I never realize what motherhood can do to you until I had my children. Being a mother of... Continue Reading →

The Friday Dilemma

12:20pm What is "The Friday Dilemma"? As friday afternoon nears this rare but commonly known disease kicks in . "What to do on a friday night...I should do this, but I want to do that instead...". That is The friday dilemma. I'm pretty good at making decisions, but often time question myself why i always put myself through this.... Continue Reading →

Behind the Shades

Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I will be choosing to share my thoughts of my daily life. The real life of a busy mom from my perspective. Get to know me through my words. I am a mother of 5. Wife to my wonderful husband for more than 15 years and I... Continue Reading →

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